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April 17, 2018

Dear speakers, sponsors and attendees,

Thank you so much for attending and participating in the Net Zero Event on April 17th.  The slides from each speakers presentation will be available on our site soon for those who weren't able to attend.

As always, our team is continually on the path of improvement.  If you feel there was anything that you wish we could have done differently, please let us know in the 'contact us' page.  Your input and feedback is more than welcome.

We also have a recap of the event on the link below.

Net Zero Event (April 17th): Looking back 

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you next time.

-Lily Lin and Katrina Nickel





Net Zero: Renewable Energy and Green Buildings in a Built Environment (April 17, 2018)


Have you ever considered what homes, condominiums’ and office spaces will look like in the future? What is the concept of a Net Zero Energy, or energy neutral home and buildings? How are renewable technologies being applied now and what does the future hold from a design point of view?  The event will feature industry experts from design, building and financing industries. We may also explore below questions as part of the discussion:

  • What are the opportunities and challenges of Net Zero in the future?
  • Financially speaking, how are Net Zero buildings and homes performing?
  • How do Net Zero buildings and homes contribute to a sustainable environment?

Your ticket will provide you with great food and 2 drinks, as well as terrific learning and networking opportunities with industry experts.

Net Zero: renewable energy and green buildings in a built environment?

Date and time Tuesday April 17th 2018  6:30pm -9:30pm

Location: CoPower, 50 Wellington St E, Suite 400, Toronto M5E 1C7

Admission: $25 (includes food and 2 drinks of your choice)

$30 at door if spots are still available

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6:30-7pm: Check- in and food & drinks

7pm-8:15pm: Presentations and Q&A

8:15pm-9:30pm: Stay and mingle



Paul Frith, Director of Advocacy and Sales, Geosource Energy

Sheena Sharp, Principal, Coolearth Architecture Inc.

Murat Basarir, Business Development Manager, CoPower

Kirk Johnson, President, Eco-Efficiency Consulting



Katrina Nickel, Vice President, RESET Canada


Speaker bios:

Moderator: Katrina Nickel, Vice President, RESET Canada

Katrina currently works as Account Supervisor at Spider Marketing. She recently obtained a course certification for 'Planning for a Sustainable Future with Wind, Water and The Sun' from Stanford University; and is a self-taught Frontend Developer. She’s also travelled to 29 countries, is a triathlete, plays competitive volleyball, is PADI certified, sailing certified, an avid rock climber and camper.


Paul Frith, Director of Advocacy and Sales , Geosource Energy

As the current Director of Advocacy & Sales for Geosource Energy Inc., Paul brought over 20 years experience in business development and account management to them.

In his current role with Geosource Energy Inc. He has been working primarily with the Ontario Provincial Government in an advocacy and government relations role, also representing the Ontario Geothermal Association and our industry.He has been heavily focused on the Climate Change Action Plan and the Green Bank, working with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.To garner support for our industry he has also been working with many other branches of government, such as Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure Ontario to name others.The secondary part of his role is in a sales capacity, working with the larger developers in the province.

Paul is also very active in the non profit world.He works with the Canada Green Building Council Toronto Chapter, as he Chairs their annual Drive for Change golf tournament and helps with Fundraising Efforts.He was named their volunteer of the year in 2017.He is also a founding member of the BEIC Council, sits on the Clean Tech Advisory Council of Centennial College and is on the marketing committee of TREC.

Paul was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario and is a graduate of Recreation Management from Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario.He has been surrounded by politics his entire life, as many of his family members have been in politics on a municipal and federal level.He is a proud father of a 6 year old daughter, and he and his wife Donna live in Burlington, Ontario.

Sheena Sharp, Principal, Coolearth Architecture Inc.

Sheena has over 25 years of experience in the profession. In establishing her own firm she has focused on buildings of all types, including post occupancy studies, and rural architecture with a particular interest in energy analysis and retrofits. Her portfolio includes re-purposing existing buildings with a specialty in small offices and housing both market driven, and affordable. She is also involved in research relating to the use of concrete for energy efficient buildings. She has been active in the governance of the profession, including two terms as President of the Ontario Association of Architects.

Murat Basarir, Business Development Manager, CoPower

Murat Basarir is the Business Development Manager at CoPower, Canada's leading green investing platform for projects in energy efficiency and renewable energy through issuing green bonds.
His primary responsibility is to source and partner with cleantech firms to provide debt financing for projects that reduce carbon emissions while generating strong financial returns. Prior to CoPower he has been involved in a broad spectrum of international cleantech projects; part of developing Portugal's first virtual power plant trial, UK’s first driverless pod initiative and launching UK’s first wireless charged electric bus startup.

As an advocate for sustainability, he has led a nationwide energy efficiency project that has been acknowledged by the Economist, BBC, and has been shown as an exemplary low-carbon initiative by the government.


Kirk Johnson, President, Eco-Efficiency Consulting

Kirk Johnson is President of the sustainability advisory firm, Eco-Efficiency Consulting. An industry veteran with over 15 years’ experience, Kirk has created over $100 million worth of green building incentive programs for the province of Ontario, CDM programs for municipalities such as the City of Toronto, and market transformation programs for non-profits such as the Canada Green Building Council. His expertise includes new build/retrofit CDM programs, capability building, marketing, cost-benefit analysis, industry/government partnerships, financing, and technical standard creation gained from managing over 10 Market Transformation programs

Kirk has been a program lead or advisory board member to national/provincial/municipal policies & standards including the award-winning Toronto Green Standard (TGS), Canadian Home Builder Association’s Net Zero Energy (NZE) house standard, NRCan’s Portfolio Manager program, and the ENERGY STAR for New Homes (ESNH) program. He is an accomplished national public speaker on the topics of green building solutions, business intelligence, and innovation strategies.

Prior to Eco-Efficiency, Kirk was Portfolio Development Manager at the City of Toronto, responsible for three Community Energy Plans, re-design of four energy efficiency incentive programs, and the energy component of the Toronto Green Standard (TGS). While at the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), he designed three Provincial conservation programs, including the High Performance New Construction Program (HPNC) and the $75 Million BOMA Toronto CDM Program. Kirk was also the Co-chair of the NRCAN’s National Sub-Committee on Building Energy Labelling. He has taught the Sustainable Entrepreneurship course at Humber College since 2014.

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Event is co-hosted by:CoPower and Toronto Renewable Energy Network (RESET Canada)

CoPower https://copower.me/en/

CoPower is a clean energy investment firm based in Montreal with offices in Toronto. We make it easy for Canadians to invest in clean energy projects through green bonds that offer compelling returns and measurable impact.


Toronto Renewable Energy Network (RESET Canada)


RESET Canada is a non-for-profit organization based in Toronto and serve across Canada. RESET stands for:Renewable, Education, Sustainable, Environment, Today. Our vision is to create a sustainable future. Toronto Renewable Energy Network (TREN) will be operating as a group under RESET Canada.We continue to create educational and social events and activities to engage local communities, with a strong focus on renewable energy, but also include sustainable lifestyle and protecting the environment. Our signature event format includes speaker events, walking tours and hands-on workshops.