Net Zero Event (April 17th): Looking Back

Net Zero Event (April 17th): Looking Back


In case you missed it – our Net Zero speaker event (April 17th) marked the organization’s first hosted event of 2018, as well as the first event hosted under our new name: RESET Canada.

Not only was it a great turn out with a mix of familiar and fresh faces, but we received positive feedback from the attendees on the overall event.  We of course couldn't have done it without CoPower who was generous enough to share their space with us.

RESET Canada’s president Lily Lin, kicked off the night by welcoming all our guests and speakers, in addition to making the official announcement on behalf of Toronto Renewable Energy Network (TREN).  Moving forward, the organization will function under the new RESET Canada name – continuing to supports its themes of all things renewable.  Ranging from sustainable lifestyles, to workshops that involve building your own wind turbine.

Our evening’s moderator (and RESET vice-president) Katrina Nickel opened with the topic of the night – Net Zero energy through the concept of green buildings and incorporating renewable energy into homes. She proceeded to give us a brief bio and introduced each of the industry professionals that would be educating us on the subject for the evening: Kirk Johnson, Paul Frith, and Murat Basarir.

Kirk Johnson President of the sustainability advisory firm, Eco-Efficiency Consulting, started things off by providing everyone with a general overview of the current state of Net Zero Energy in Ontario. He spoke a bit on NRCAN’s introduction of Net Zero pilot programs when speaking of the residential market and touched on the topic of Solar PV, in which he stated 10-12kWh per year of PV production is needed to achieve net zero on average for small household. One of the key takeaways from Kirk’s presentation was his definition of Value Proposition for Net Zero:

  • An example of a rational benefit would be the ability to control rooms temperature using natural light and ventilation.
  • An example of an emotional benefit would be better comfort and an improved lifestyle.

Next up was Paul Frith Director of Advocacy & Sales for Geosource Energy Inc. Paul did a great job of informing the night’s attendees of the important (yet often underappreciated) renewable energy source that is Geothermal systems, and the value it has in the market of Net Zero energy.  He highlighted a few examples of major ground-source heat pump projects he’s been involved with and the positive energy and economical results to come of them. Although sometimes these types of systems are more reasonable and recommended for commercial installs (due to high capital costs), they still see an impressive average payback of 5-7 years.

For those who asked, “Why Geothermal?”:

Paul explained that ground temperature is much more stable than air temperature, leading to higher overall efficiency vs air-source. He also stated that Geothermal provides the highest leverage of electricity for net zero homes.

Last but certainly not least, Murat Basarir Business Development Manager at CoPower, takes the podium to inform the audience about Net Zero energy from a financial perspective as a potential investment opportunity.

He gave a general overview of the concept of Net Zero energy, and the different aspects it may consider: including (but not limited to) LED retrofits, rooftop solar, and general energy efficiency. Murat stated how an often-overlooked component of wrapping up any given Net Zero retrofit project is engaging the occupants of the building or site; that it is crucial to educate these occupants and continue to monitor the project even after completion, as it is these people, the end-users, that drive the overall energy usage.


He states that the projects they truly seek out at CoPower are what they call, “Tripe-Win Projects”:

  1. A win for the client
  2. A win for investors
  3. A win for the end-user(s)



We concluded our evening’s speaker event holding a Q&A session with our three speakers, opening the floor up to questions from any of the attendees. Many of those who made it out, whether they were industry professionals, students, or just simply enthusiasts, took interest in sticking around after the Q&A, where people were both welcomed and encouraged to stay and mingle, network, and continue to snack on food & refreshments until the night wound down.


Thanks again to our night’s speakers, Kirk, Paul, and Murat, for all taking time out of your day to share some of your wisdom and experience with our attendees! Thank you to our partners at CoPower for help with the event and lending us your office for our event’s venue, to the rest of our hardworking management team, and of course all of you who attended RESET Canada’s first event and helped make it a success!



We hope to see you at our next event: Fireside Chat with Romuald Goure, Managing Director of Fronius Canada on May 16th! For more information and to register, click here (space is limited!)